Andy McMillan web

A former Specialist Police Tactical Commander, Andy has vast experience of specialist operations, crisis management and emergency planning. Using his experience, Andy is an expert in planning, facilitating and directing exercises designed to test responses to man-made and natural events. 

Andy has worked in multi-agency emergency and crisis management throughout his 25-year’s police service, over 16 of which as a Police Specialist Tactical Commander. He has commanded many high-profile multi-agency operations and events ranging from counter terrorism to those naturally occurring.

His career has been focused on multi-agency specialist operations, crisis management and emergency planning. He has assisted in developing and enhancing policy and process on both national and regional tactical forums.

Throughout his career Andy has worked to share his knowledge and experience with others. He has acted as a mentor both within the police service and alongside multi-agency partners, having planned, facilitated and directed many exercises designed to test the multi-agency response to man-made and natural events.

Andy’s drive to ensure that the public remains safe is what motivates him to continue working in the field of emergency planning and crisis management. He firmly believes that effective planning and preparation is critical to success, but also that the people are equally as important.

Andy has a keen interest in researching and playing traditional music and can be found attending the occasional folk music session. As well as music, he enjoys spending time with his large family who keep him busy.

Nationally Accredited; Counter Terrorist Security Co-ordinator, CBRNE Tactical Commander, Strategic Firearms Commander, Tactical Firearms Commander, Tactical Public Order Commander, Member of The Security Institute.