Beverley Griffiths

Beverley is responsible for management and development of the Faculty and its services.  Currently working with key partnerships in the UK and internationally to increase the portfolio of products, including consultancy, critical friend, auditing, guidance, exercises, competencies and qualifications. She teaches on all of the faculty courses and also many of the Civil protection courses, which brings a unique capability to her courses.

Beverley is also is a well-regarded and sought after speaker. She has been instrumental in engaging with Brazil, as they seek to improve for the next World Cup and Olympics. She was engaged with LOCOG and has been instrumental in the delivery of the three key EPC Olympic projects.

Beverley works closely with various partners such as the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA), Football Safety Officers’ Association (FSOA) and New Bucks University. She also implemented the City and Guilds qualification gaining centre approval and delivering the Spectator Safety Management Level 4 Diploma throughout the UK and is a current assessor of the qualification. She is a lead UK expert in development of National Occupational Standards and Qualification frameworks.

Bev has gained vital credibility and experience attending various world class events. In 2014, she worked with her team at the Tall ships Greenwich, where she mentored staff and took over the management of a difficult site with crowd issues, to make a safe and successful event. She has been instrumental in obtaining and developing a large project involving crowd modelling, crowd behaviour and evacuation in complex built establishment (Including transport).

Bev has successfully managed a large contract with a Retail Company and expanded this to others, giving them a unique programme of training and exercising, with validation of plans; process and individuals. This is now seen as best practice and is being requested by many other retail; leisure and transport providers.

Bev has edited and authored various national guidance documents and is a thought leader in the UK and sought after around the world. Beverley is a member of many professional groups such as EPS, EIF and NOEA, where she takes an active interest in improving the profession and assisting in the education and development of learners in the field.

Beverley joined the EPC in 2004 after working for the London Borough of Hackney, where she began as the CCTV and Emergency Planning Officer and the CCTV and Emergency Planning Service Manager where she received a commendation awarded by the Metropolitan Police for her work during the Hackney Siege. During her time at Hackney she worked on many events and festival’s, on the Safety Advisory Group; planning group and leading the operational team at the events.

Beverley successfully completed, with honours, the ‘Development and Health in Disaster Management’ Bachelor of Science at Coventry University. Beverley also previously was a qualified nurse, working here in the UK and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2008 Beverley completed with merit the Chartered Institute for Professional Training Certificate (CIPD) and is currently working toward achieving her Assessors qualification.

"Bev is a great listener. She made the training sessions interactive all the time. She is a very experienced trainer and shared her knowledge with us. We achieved the objectives listed at the beginning with extensive information as well as lots of fun. Thank you!"

Rana Bullata British Consulate General, Jerusalem

"A special thanks to Bev, especially valuing every single question, concern and idea from every single one of us. A huge thank you!"

Ersa Ulay Stallman British Embassy, Turkey